Today I woke up with this odd motivation to Get Things Done.  This isn’t unheard of, but it is uncommon.  I immediately made a list of things I needed/wanted to get done while under this spell.

I wavered a bit in the shower…

…but The List commanded.

I manage (if you can call it that) the website for a local grassroots political activist; After my shower I went out immediately to the Post Office to mail some books people had bought from the website over the course of the week.

On my way home I went “Shit! I still need to get my oil changed!”  So I dropped Swamp Thing (the name of my car) off at the Meineke up the street (only 6,000+ miles late…).  I even paid for the 2nd tier “Preferred” oil change, so they checked my alignment & other fluid levels and junk.  Which was good, because one of the belts was apparently totally rotted and had to be replaced.  Because mechanics are stereotyped as making shit up to get you to pay more, I get nervous when they say stuff like that.  But I hadn’t had my car looked at since probably when I first bought her so I figure the odds that she might need something replaced are pretty good.

When I got home I made myself a delicious and filling breakfast of over-medium eggs on toast.  I cut one of my Effexors in half.  I am definitely nervous about cutting back my dosage because the withdrawal is so bad.

I folded and put away the clothes that I washed last Monday (today is Saturday… they have been sitting on my computer chair since Monday… I would move them onto the bed when I wanted to use the computer… then move them back to the chair when it was time for bed).

I started a load of laundry… will I fold & put it away before next weekend?  Who knows!

I balanced my checkbook and finally went online to pay the bill for my last pap smear (CMC sends me a statement and leaves me voicemail about this at least once a week).  I had insurance and it still cost me 300 bucks.  What the fuck do they do with all that money??  I think they did take some blood and maybe give me a tetanus shot too tho.  Still.  I didn’t even ask for that shit. (I also didn’t object when the doctor suggested it)

Remaining on my list are:

The bathroom thing mainly refers to the bathtub.  I need to get some DRANO or something because it clogs a little.  And also there’s some kind of filth that’s built up on one end that I’ve been staring at all week and thinking, “this weekend I’m gonna scrub this thing.”

Joe Thomas was my last therapist.  He did me a lot of good, but our payment arrangements were kind of weird.  For some reason he wasn’t depositing the checks I gave him at each session.  He said it was some kind of tax thing he was trying to work around, and I was a little weirded out (I always wished I had said something to that effect at the time), but I was like, “OK,” because I balance my checkbook and I can pretty much keep track of what money is mine and what is, for all intents and purposes, his.  But we’re talking like over a year of sessions, so eventually to keep my head straight I moved the money that was “his” into my savings account.  Then he kept not asking for it and I needed a chunk of cash to propel my student loan out of default, so I used that money.  Of course, immediately afterwards he told me he had “come up with a plan” for the money and would I cut him a check?  So I had to tell him I didn’t have it anymore.  Which made him kind of unhappy I’m sure.  Of course, if he’d just cashed the checks I had been writing him this whole time he wouldn’t have had this problem.  Anyway.

A couple weeks ago I got a check for my portion of the IRA my dad had, and I decided I’d take a chunk and finally pay Joe Thomas his money.  I thought about doing something really cool and paying with interest, but then I thought, fuck that, he’s lucky I’m paying him at all.  He’s probably already written me off anyway.  It was almost 2 years ago that I fired him (for non-money-related issues).  I have this scrap of paper from 2 years ago where I wrote down all the check numbers and totaled what I owed him, but it’s been so long I’m not completely clear on what I owe him and what I paid… I think it comes to around $2500 from the looks of it.

I don’t want to call him to make sure that he still lives in the same place… I just want to send him a check, no note or anything.  Kind of like a “you probably thought I was a bad person, fuck you” kind of thing.  The fact is, legally he had nothing on me, because I did write him checks for each individual session.  He just chose not to use them.  Anyway.

I feel like I’m being pretty damn honorable.