Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday with no religious or spiritual basis that I know of.  It is my favorite holiday.  Yet strangely this year I have had no natural compulsion to reflect on the things I am thankful for, something I have enjoyed doing the last few years.

This day really is a great excuse to spend some time acknowledging the great things in our life that we generally take for granted.  I have made an effort over the course of the year to acknowledge the truly marvelous as I experience it.  What I am truly grateful for is the experience of change in my life.  I am not the same person I was a year ago, five years ago.  I could fall down on my knees with thanks for that simple truth.

I am so grateful that human nature is to grow and learn right up until we die.  I have spent a lot of time afraid of change, of the unknown, but more dreadful is the prospect of stagnation.  I have been paralyzed through much of my depression by the feeling that things would never change, that I would feel “this way” forever.  To get to a point now where I realize that not only do things always change, but I am the one who has the most control over how they change, is such a relief and a delight.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, where the plan is to officially open my installation project, Roadside Conscience.