So I accidentally forgot to take my meds this morning.  BF and I walked up to Zada Jane’s for brunch and it just kind of slipped my mind.  I did think about it before we left but I can’t take anything on an empty stomach, so I figured I’d just do it when we got back.  But I forgot.

I have been extremely lethargic today, despite two cups of tea at brunch!  It’s been gray out all day, which hasn’t helped at all.  Since I felt so sleepy all day I didn’t actually get any of the things done that I wanted — or intended — to.  Around 5 I left to go get groceries for the week (I did manage to put together a menu for this week’s dinners).  I was starting to feel a little jittery and anxious, though still very sleepy.

By the time I got home about 2 hours later (it was a long list and I made multiple stops) I had started getting chills, feeling kind of feverish, flushed and a little shaky.  There’s a train track not too far from us and the whistle blew and sounded much louder than it normally does.  One of the cats was whining.  The combination was quite irritating, and I kept hearing the train, like the engineer was just leaning on that whistle for the hell of it.  I really, really wanted that whistle to stop.

I feel itchy because I haven’t taken a shower yet today and it’s really irritating me.  That’s where I’m going after this, into the shower.

My question is, do I go ahead and take half a pill now, just to help get my system back to normal?  Or do I take this opportunity and continue into Phase Two (ha ha- a day after deciding not to start Phase Two until next weekend)

I don’t know what I’ll be like tomorrow if I don’t take at least some Effexor.  Will I be irritable, unable to concentrate, shaky, crazy?  Will I have to call out sick? (I doubt that I would)

But this is the crux of my problem.  When is a good time to let myself experience this withdrawal?  Obviously, I will have to do it sometime, and whether it’s now or next Friday I will feel like shit for a while.  How long?


Well, I think I will just roll with it.  I’m gonna take a shower, eat something, maybe watch something cheezy and slightly mindless, and go to bed, hopefully to awaken fresh and miraculously independent of this damn drug.