I sat down the other night and figured out how much I spend on gas and groceries each month.  I went through my transaction history and tallied up all those transactions from the last four months.  It comes to about $170 per month for gas and $300 for groceries.  No wonder I’m always broke!!

So I’m attempting to institute a kind of budget, really just some guidelines to keep me aware of what I am spending.  Now that I have an idea of how much I spend on the basics, plus rent and utilities, I feel a bit more motivated to keep an eye on what I do with the rest of the money.  The money I’ve somehow been squandering while I wasn’t looking.  A dinner out here, a coffee there, throw in some mail-order clothes (that I really like & want but do NOT need) and all those potential savings are gone.

That’s not to say I won’t allow myself to have any fun at all.  When I did all this math we had already gone out to eat with friends.  I picked up the tab for BF and myself, setting me back $30.  OK, so I just worked it into the budget.  I’m using spreadsheets a lot at work which is giving me an appreciation for how useful they can be for keeping track of and analyzing data.


This is boring, I’m gonna stop now.