When I had the follow-up meeting with my homeopathist, I realized how little I could remember about how/whether my symptoms changed over the past 6 weeks.  I realized I needed to implement mom’s plan, which was to “rank” her symptoms on a daily basis.

I drew out a little table with the days across the top and the symptoms listed down the left.  Each day (except the couple of days I have forgotten) I rank each symptom 1 to 5, 1 being the worst, 5 being the best or most positive.  It’s really pretty hard, since some days I might have a few “blue” periods but feel pretty OK by the time I get around to doing the ranking.  So in addition to that I am writing a few lines underneath the table which make note of any significant events, irritations, aggravations, etc.  That way I’m not bound just to numbers and I have some frame of reference to remind myself, four weeks down the road, why I put the number I did on any given day.

One thing I have really been bad about is exercise.  I haven’t actually done any of the 10-minute workouts since I started the homeopathic treatment, and I haven’t even been to Tai Chi in at least 3 weeks.  I am doing my best to be gentle with myself about it, but also not let myself make excuses.  I understand that there are times, and will be times in the future, when I just don’t feel like it for whatever reason.  But when I make the decision to hit “snooze” 3 times instead of getting up and doing a quick, easy exercise, that’s my choice.  And when I decide to skip Tai Chi for whatever reason, that is also my choice.  I fully intend to start back on my tiny exercise regimen this week.  If I approach it mindfully, and remind myself, “I am choosing to do this, because ultimately I will feel better about myself,” I will actually feel better about myself right then.  I know this is true because I experienced it the couple of weeks when I first started doing it.

~ namaste ~