This evening was my second time following BF to The Happening — an open art session that encourages participation by all.  I have accepted that I am not a visual artist, but the event has brought out of me an interest in free association.  Two Wednesdays ago I sat and observed then uninspired/inspired began to write.  It is nonsense, strings of words that have no meaning as a whole but segments, sounds, associations give them some sort of meaning for me, at least.

It wasn’t quite as organic this time around — I am experimenting some with rhyming because I have this odd feeling of poetry even though I could tell you I am not a poet.

I’m fascinated by the fact that the disorganized activity, the synthesizer, passersby, strange smells of stale gessoed paper make it a comfortable environment for words to come not unencumbered but at least less so.

I have a vague idea of taking the whole of it at the end of a month and analyzing the prevalence of positive vs negative imagery, fantasy vs reality, thought vs action, etc.  Just to see if there’s anything to Freud’s whole free association thing.  It was Freud, wasn’t it?  I may try that.

I feel relaxed and comfortable except the usual breathing problems.  I think getting out — even if I’m not directly interacting with anyone — has more power than I have given it credit for in the past.