I had some seriously Freudian dreams last night.

Actually I meant to spend some time this evening trying to pull some meaning from it, but the enormous tree branch in the driveway & road kind of distracted me.  Instead I made popcorn, mixed iced raspberry green tea with some of mom’s way-too-sweet rose wine and watched “500 Days of Summer.”

Confession time: I have had a big crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a long freakin time.  I’m talking back when we were kids and he was on “3rd Rock from the Sun.”  The fact that he is supersexy indie film star now does not help.

Mom’s issue with the movie was that Summer, the female lead, basically leads Tom, the male lead, on the whole time.  I can see where she gets that; it’s true really.  But it seemed like a “real” kind of true.  figure 1 is infatuated.  figure 2 goes along for the ride.  it happens.  It sucks, it hurts, but that’s what we do.  There’s no “magic combination,” no person who is “perfect” for us who we are also “perfect” for.

I’m sure my feeling about the movie is related to my current situation in life — one person can be content, happy even, and the other discontent, unfulfilled.  Those of us who have been strongly affected by fantasies, dreams and fairy tales fall into this trap of searching each person we meet for that “something” that we will recognize only when we see it.

Listening to a recording of “Il Trovatore” so I’m having trouble concentrating.  Little doubt that this is just blather anyway.