Mood: 3; generally OK. bit lonely.

Breakfast: None (slept in ’til noon)

Snack: small plum, garlic-lovers’ hummus & pita chips

Lunch: 1 cob sweet corn, sliced cucumber, watermelon, water

Dinner: Mom’s “Summer pasta” (tomato, squash & bell pepper w/ basil over spaghetti), garlic bread, iced tea

Exercise: None

Self-Maintenance: Took a shower after I got up.  Brushed my teeth before bed.

Motivation: Did laundry, including sheets & pillowcases. Stopped 1/2way through, will have to finish Sunday. Cleaned up & swept around the litter box.

Avoidance: Gotta poo. Don’t want to cuz I’m afraid it’s gonna hurt. Or clog the toilet. Or both.

Honesty: I sent a text message to LT around 4:30pm inviting her to come out to the drive-in. She texted back that she had a headache. Kinda hurt my feelings since it’s not even close to dark yet.  I didn’t want to be mean, but I did want to make that fact known, so I just said, OK, let me know if you feel better in the next 4 hours. Not super nice, but I felt it was important to say, hey, don’t write it off just because you have a headache right now.