Mood:  4; quite a good recovery from yesterday’s excitement.

Breakfast: Kashi GoLean w/ fresh strawberries & Silk unsweetened soymilk, hot tea

Lunch: the other half of my Nature Boy from yesterday

Snack: bowl of homemade ice cream (half ginger, half peach)

Dinner: none

Snack: 12-16oz white tea w/ chrysanthemum

Exercise: a rather pathetic 15 crunches

Self-Maintenance: showered, shaved the bikini area (not going to swimming lessons with crotch mane). getting ready to go brush my teeth.

Motivation: enough that I did those crunches.  Also finished laundry, though I forgot about the last load in the dryer so now they’re all wrinkled and I really should iron them…..

Avoidance: Today I was really, really sore from the volunteer work yesterday, so I am totally OK with having done nothing but hang around the house all day.  Ow.

Honesty: saw and spoke to literally no one except mom.  therefore, n/a.