Mood:  3; started the morning grumpy due to lack of sleep. better in the afternoon. greasy hair makes me self-conscious so the not showering thing didn’t help. Having trouble coming to terms with the fact that it’s only Wednesday.

Breakfast:  Low on soymilk :(  So instead of cereal it was a slice of toast w/ PB and strawberry jelly, plus hot tea

Snack: about 1/4c-1/3c trail mix and a cup of coffee

Lunch: Roasted red pepper hummus with fresh broccoli & carrots, and an apple

Dinner: delicious summer pasta — fresh tomato, garlic, basil & olive oil over spaghetti; slice of garlic bread.

Exercise: Swimming lesson for 45min!
Self-Maintenance: too sleepy this morning to get up & take a shower. I did shower this evening tho.  Tried mom’s dandruff shampoo to see if it does anything for my weird oily dandruff.

Motivation: Last load of laundry still hanging over the back of my chair… already decided I’m too sleepy to attend to it tonight.

Avoidance: I don’t think I’ve crossed anything off my “To do” list at work the last few days. It’s been all too easy to get sidetracked lately due to other little projects cropping up.

Honesty: Can’t think of anything that came up today that might have involved this category…