Got that stuff shipped out during lunch today. No worries.

I’m in one of those moods that I recognize as depressed. I’m agitated, waiting for something, wanting attention or something, I dunno. The fact that I recognize it is, I guess, a step up.

Typing like this is probably a step up, too. Definitely more constructive than my usual behavior.

I’ve been avoiding showering. Just haven’t felt like it.  I’ve suddenly started to feel very eager to move out into my own place again. Have the privacy, the freedom of my own space. Not as though I really believe having my own space would make me any more likely to shower when I get in this kind of mood.

Breathe, girl. I’ve been catching myself clenching my teeth a lot lately, say, the last few weeks. Not sure what that’s about.

Rather tired, actually. Stayed up late the past few nights, and this morning was the first time in a week that I had to get up with the alarm.  No fun at all.  I love the feeling after hitting ‘snooze.’  Bed so warm, cozy and me-shaped! sleepy face. stretching. comfy. There’s nothing quite like it. Waking and going back to bed without having to get up shortly thereafter is completely different: I for one tend to get lethargic and a bit depressed or unmotivated if I stay in bed too long. That’s what makes those 9 minutes between ‘snooze’ and the next alarm so magical!

Think I will brush my teeth and have some water. Definitely dehydrated. Feeling a bit better though, from having started typing instead of moping, waiting, expecting. Not 100% for sure, but hey, better is, well, better.