Here’s an example of just how dramatically my self-image has changed/improved.  When I first signed up for facebook I used a picture of some cinnamon rolls from the bakery as my profile pic. Then eventually I upgraded to a craptastic line drawing self-portrait. Most recently I have been using an actual picture of me taken by a friend while we were enjoying the public art in our town.  All that moved to a new level today.  I took a picture of myself, head on, looking straight at the camera, slightly bemused expression on my face.

For the longest time I have NOT ALLOWED photographs of myself to be taken when I could possibly prevent it.  I hate the way I look in pictures.  The one taken by the friend was OK because I had big Jackie O sunglasses covering half my face and it was goofy and fun. So this picture of me which I took myself and deliberately put online as representative of me – this is huge.


Lord I’m so sleepy!  I think I need to make a cup of tea.