Lots going on these days.  With regard to the previous entry, I sent an e-mail to V asking her opinion on the matter, and she replied thusly:

i think, sadly, in general, as we cruise on into the next decade of life especially (but really, this has pretty much been true since college times) that if a woman hangs out with a guy and one or both of them are not explicitly, explicitly gay (and even then there are misunderstandings!), then unless expressly stipulated otherwise, it’s fair to think of it as a ‘date’ in our society.

So.  I don’t know if that’s really the case or not, but it seems like a safe way to approach all future one-on-one encounters.

With regard to SMF (who is really no longer SMF but for the sake of consistency I will continue to refer to him as such), we’ve hung out a couple times as “just friends” and it is honestly a lot less stressful than it was when we were fucking.  In a series of e-mails we both admitted that we would probably not do very well as a romantic couple, but we could probably do smashingly as friends.  So there we are now.  It’s pretty cool.

I am doing a half-ass job (aka using craigslist) of looking for a different job.  I don’t dislike the job I have but the management stinks and it makes some days really stressful.  I’m not dead-set on finding something else, but if something else comes along and can pay me a decent wage, provide some benefits and is inside city limits I will probably jump at it.

I’ve finally taken the leap and filled out the enrollment application for the community college here in town.  I want to take some business classes and see where that takes me.  So now I need to schedule a day I can take off from work and go talk to the people at the school about financial aid, scheduling, etc.  I’m pretty terrified about this but I feel very strongly that this is my next move.  So here we go!