I am so frustrated about all this bullshit I’m sitting here crying.  And I don’t even know why!!  I’m just so goddamn ANGRY at all these stupid sons-o-bitches who think that “let’s hang out” is a sufficient invitation for a date.  Call me old-fashioned, but IT’S NOT.  I hate these stupid guessing games!  If people would just SAY what they GODDAMN MEAN rather than leaving others to infer, I wouldn’t feel like a freaking IDIOT every time I realize my new “friend” thinks we’re on a date.  FUCK YOU ALL.  I’m serious, I am so pissed off at this whole mess and all the fucking lemmings who follow along with it as though it’s not completely STUPID.

I mean, is it my fault for not knowing the secret code?  I was a freaking social inept until just a few years ago, but somehow was I supposed to pick up on it anyway??  Fucking christ.