Okay, since that last post I have had YET ANOTHER of these encounters.  How, you might ask, since I only just decided on a method for avoiding this type of confusion?  Here’s the setup: There’s a guy on a forum I frequent whose world view differs so vastly from most of the other posters that I’m really not sure why he stays, except to troll.  That’s really what it seems like most of the time, trolling.  After a particularly frustrating exchange — usually I don’t engage him at all because it’s too aggravating and goes nowhere — I decided to try reaching out on a more human level.  I sent a PM saying look, we obviously see the world differently but I’ve been told that you’re actually a decent guy in real life.  I’d really like to see where you’re coming from.  Etc.  So he e-mails back and says, ok, if you really want to know, why don’t we grab lunch one day and we can talk.  We met for lunch on Saturday, and it went fine.  We didn’t go into anything weighty, just talked about very basic stuff like movies and hobbies.  It went fine, and he really was pretty ok to chat with.  So I thought okay, this wasn’t so bad, maybe we can hang out again and at that time start to talk about some of the weightier issues and have a real rational, civil discussion the likes of which he (and most of his opponents, frankly) is clearly incapable of on the forum.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from him asking me out to dinner and a movie.  While it wasn’t expressly posed as a Date, I know enough about these things to know that Dinner And A Movie = Date.  So I wrote back that I couldn’t do that but I’d love to grab a coffee or something on a strictly platonic basis.

What I want to say is, dude, you’re a troll. You are incapable of being anything other than an asshole online.  And I have all but said as much several times on the forum. What possessed you to imagine that I would have any interest whatsoever in going on a “Date” with you after only ONE encounter during which we spoke about only the most insubstantial topics AND you appeared to have very little interest in what my own interests and tastes are??  What the hell, man.

But this is apparently standard form.  It doesn’t matter how obviously not interested I must be, if I am willing to spend time one-on-one with a guy, I must be interested.  I am starting to get really sick of this shit.