I had dinner with mom after work today and after talking with her I feel a little more comfortable with things.  I don’t like the way things are vis a vis male-female relations, but now I can at least understand where it comes from.

The way she described it, when she was of dating age men and women weren’t friends with each other.  If they were out somewhere together it was absolutely a date; there was no (or hardly ever) such thing as a girl and boy just hanging out as friends.  So now, we maintain that assumption that even just “hanging out” indicates hormonal interest of some kind, but now we at least have the freedom to set the parameters of any interaction however we want them to be.

I still would much rather feel at liberty to befriend male friends in exactly the same manner as I do female friends, but I am beginning to internalize the fact that I can’t do that just yet.  Maybe in another 40 years.