My new favorite word.  Well, favorite might be a stretch.  But until now I had only the words “crush, obsess, infatuate” to describe my condition.  “Limerence” has much more of a ring to it.  And describes me to a tee.  I can look back on all the crushes I’ve ever had and see it.  Definitely a bit discomfiting to think that it could go on for years though.  It did take me an absurdly long time to get over Scuffin Guy.  And he was about the boringest guy I’d ever met!

On the same subject, I’m slowly dealing with my lingering SMF issues.  I’m not over it, but I’m going to some lengths to set the dial back.  I’m not going to pretend we didn’t have those two months of weird, undefined FWB-ness.  But I am making a point to set boundaries.  For myself and for my relations with him.  Apparently he’s started dating someone (I know, wtf right?), a friend of his.  Which is fine.  A little bit of a jab, a twinge of, “so when you said you didn’t want a relationship, you just meant with ME,” but you know, he’s gotta do what’s right for him.  And I will eventually be at peace with all this.  So nothing really to worry about.

It is nearly 2am.  I fully intended to be a bit more thoughtful and go on a bit more, but this will have to do.