Things haven’t really slowed down since my last post about feeling overwhelmed about how busy my life is getting.  This weekend flew past me like you wouldn’t believe.  The difference is in how I am approaching it.  In the first place, I remind myself that it is my choice whether I participate in so many things or not.  I do have a certain obligation to the atheist group for at least the next year, but apart from that all these peripheral activities are my choice and no one else’s.  So I can feel overwhelmed, I can learn to say “no,” or I can take a deep breath and ride the current for the time being.

This week will be pretty crazy.  Monday a few members from the atheist group are attending a lecture at the university.  Tuesday I have therapy and then plans to hang out with Old Friend.  Wednesday is the monthly planning meeting for the atheist group.  Thursday after work I head to the mountains for my oldest friend’s wedding.  I get back into town Sunday.  I may be driving up with V, but I haven’t heard from her what her plans are or if she’s even coming.  If she has decided to fly in on Thursday so we can drive up together, we’ll probably get dinner someplace beforehand.  This morning I asked NG if he’d like to join us for dinner.  I thought about inviting him to the wedding but 1) I had already sent in my rsvp and 2) I had already made my reservation at the hostel and 3) I didn’t really feel like trying to alter either of those and 4) it will be much easier to spend time with some old friends up there if I’m on my own.

sidenote: NG has tentatively invited me to join him for a long weekend in NYC at the end of May.  sounds like fun to me!!

Anyway, so while I am a bit bummed that I’m sitting at the tail end of this weekend with a daunting schedule ahead of me, I am attempting to use this time in a more constructive manner.  In the first place, I’m journaling, which tends to help me organize the chaos in my brain.  Next, I am dressed all warm and cozy.  It’s been a dreary, chilly, rainy day and wearing warm comfy is like insta-relax.  I have a hot cuppa ginger pu-erh (my current go-to warm beverage).  I have a load of laundry in the washer and one in the dryer (getting things done! yay!) and I have every intention of washing all those dishes in the sink.  I’m a little achy in my back and left shoulder (stayed over at NG’s and I think I slept funny) — after I get through with this I’m pulling out the mat and doing some yoga.

My point is that ok, sure it’s been busy and will stay busy for a while, but I do still have these times for gentle recharging.  And oh, how I appreciate them!