I am predominantly heterosexual.  I can tell this because when I watch a movie with a physically attractive male protagonist I suddenly waaaaant.

In other news, I offered my couch to a friend who’s passing through town tomorrow and Thursday.  I hate it because as soon as I do something like that my attitude changes and I don’t want to anymore.  I even said I’d skip the yoga class I’ve been wanting to go to for a month so I can go meet some of her friends for dinner.  I know I’ll have a good time, but right now I can only think “arrrg!”

It’s ok.  Yoga will happen again on Saturday.  And then next Wednesday I can go.  One more week won’t hurt me.  I just hate last minute changes like this.  le sigh.


Anxious about money.  Rent is due, other half of class tuition is due on the 5th, gotta buy my textbook.  I have a decent-paying job.  How do I manage to stay so broke most of the time?


Brush teeth, go to bed.