Random e-mail from SMF thanking me for suggesting he try seitan way back when.  Wtf.

:: edit ::

Also, I failed miserably at not drinking last week.  Thursday was the RiffTrax LIVE event and I took myself out for Mediterranean food beforehand.  Sitting outside in pleasant weather (in the shade), I simply had to have a glass of white wine.  It’s one of my favorite things to do in that situation.  Then going out to dinner on Saturday with the veggie Meetup group, I had 2 Red Oaks (beer).  I think I ordered primarily because very few other people did.  This is one of the weird things about me that I haven’t quite gotten to the source of yet:  I see that most people are doing one thing and automatically go, “fuck you all, I’m doing this different thing just because.”  I have noticed, though, that sometimes when I do that, others decide to follow my lead.  Not in this case, but still.  It’s interesting.

Anyway, this week, starting over, no drinking, I promise.