I think this is the first day I’ve had since beginning the Ritalin that I have had to face some of those real irrational negative feelings that are so familiar to me.
By the time I got to class after work I was feeling a bit raw, wistfully sentimental, sad, and then thoroughly anxious. Taking deep breaths trying to keep myself calm.

It didn’t totally consume me though. I’m still not feeling great, in part because I ate about 1/2 a bag of pretzel sticks before compelling myself to stop. And I’m trying to be cautious, skeptical even, about the impact this drug is having on my brain. But I’d be foolish not to acknowledge that there is a real possibility this drug is what enabled some degree of awareness of my mood changes, which in turn helped keep me from falling prey to the moodiness in the way I often do.

Just a thought.