When I saw my therapist on Thursday we both sort of agreed that the Ritalin has not been the profound change we had come to expect. I had already been thinking about asking my MD to try something different, and my therapist suggested trying Adderall next, in part because it has been known to help with anxiety as well as ADD.
Because a friend cautioned me about Adderall, I looked around online about side effects, interactions with Effexor, etc. I’d already heard that you can’t take MAOIs alongside ADD stimulants, but wasn’t sure about other antidepressants.
It looks like the only potential issue might be something called “seratonin syndrome,” which is rare but can be deadly. Adderall operates on both dopamine and norepinepherine, and Effexor operates on seratonin and norepinepherine, so I’m wondering if the excessive manipulation of that neurotransmitter might also potentially cause problems. My plan is to call the MD office tomorrow and see what they say. It’d be cool if the dual norepinepherine thing enabled me to cut the Effexor back to 75mg. I also read that Effexor only starts working on norepinepherine at 150mg and higher, so that could work maybe? Assuming the effect in the Adderall is also reuptake inhibition.
The Internet is pretty damn awesome sometimes.