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Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

You would not believe this guy.  I mean you would, and you’d be absolutely thrilled for me.

I thought I had more to say on this, but mainly it boils down to “I wish you could meet him, you’d like him so much.”



On Crushing

Sigh… I am totally crushing. This guy is too great.

Wow. I was so preoccupied with the awesome time I had last night that I forgot to mention I’m starting on Adderal (as of yesterday afternoon). Pretty sure already it’s working way better than the Ritalin.

So I had a date with this guy tonight… I haven’t been to bed yet so it’s still “tonight” in my book. Anyway, date. We met for a casual evening meal and were going to head to a movie that started at 7:30. But when it was 7 and we were still talking in the restaurant, we scrapped the movie plan and headed to his place for a night of fire pit. He’s got this sofa he drags outta his garage for just such occasions, so fire was started and we chilled, just talking about whatever came up. I did get a chance to mention my *ahem* intimate acquaintance with NM, and he’d already heard something of it from NM so it wasn’t a surprise. Whew! Never know how that might go.

Didn’t take us long to get all snuggly, which was awesome.

Finally when it got cold enough we called it a night and I grabbed my purse to head home. I was feeling so comfy I blurted, I kinda wanna kiss you but I’m almost too shy to say it. But I saw some hesitation in him so I added that if he didn’t want to yet that was cool. He asked if it would be ok to wait because it’s moving kinda fast for him. *squee*!! Words cannot describe how great that felt. I mean, yes, it would have been nice to kiss, but the pure honesty and the simple fact that he doesn’t want to move too fast is sooooo nice. I’m super stoked. Couldn’t tell you the last time I felt so comfortable just hanging out, enjoying another’s presence. Truly a gift to appreciate as much as possible.


Well, here we go again.

I have begun the process of auditioning another man.  If that sounds cold it’s not meant to.  It actually helped me on our first couple dates to think of it that way.  I’m auditioning him, he’s auditioning me.

So we’ll see.  It’s very early yet.  But as usual, it’s fun at the beginning.

What’s interesting about this is that it’s very possible he’s never had sex before.  The idea that I might be the more sexually experienced party is pretty unfathomable.  But it is genuinely probably in this case.

Truly, though, the details aren’t important.  I’ve enjoyed hanging out with him over the last week or so, and I look forward to more hanging out this weekend.

Another interesting fact is that he is friends with NM and at least casually acquainted with SMF.  It’s on my list to let him know that I have in fact had sex with both of them.  In the interest of full disclosure.  And I feel like I will this time.  He’s just too damn nice.