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The Untethered Soul

This is a book I’ve been reading lately.

It’s another one delivered to me by my mom, who is constantly reading one thing or another.

This book has some interesting, simple truths, things that, when one actually applies them to one’s life, have the potential to drastically change one’s experience for the better.  It ain’t easy.  But I’m getting a lot out of it thus far, and I expect I’ll read it again once I’ve gotten through it once.


PS- my affirmation lately has been: “I am a good girl.”



It just occurred to me that I should probably be posting when I update my “personal mantra.”  It’s not really a mantra, more like an affirmation I guess.  I’m trying to remember what the first one was.  I write it up on my blackboard in the kitchen and try to say it out loud (like I mean it) before I leave for work in the morning.

Until recently, it was “I am worthy of this journey.”

I just replaced that with “I will not be afraid.”