Yesterday I started my new homeopathic treatment.  It is called thuja occidentalis, which is really just the latin name for the plant it comes from — some kind of cedar tree.  Silicea, which is what I was taking before, came from flint or rocks of some kind.  I like the change already if only because I feel more comfortable using a plant derivative as a remedy than I do using a rock derivative.

We shall see how it goes.

I have decided that our landlord is a pathological liar.  Anytime we have some small maintenance issue he disappears and doesn’t return our calls for days and then finally when he gets back to us he has one of those excuses that you can’t possibly call bullshit on.  Like, “My wife’s grandmother passed away so we had to fly to such-and-such for the funeral” — as if that’s a legitimate excuse for not freaking calling us back.   Most recently, we have been calling him for the last 3 or 4 weeks about the lawn.  It is spring, and the grass is growing fast, and he is responsible for keeping the grass mowed.  After a month+ of steady growth parts of the lawn were well over 3′ tall.  I was about ready to file a tall grass complaint on my own residence so at least he’d get a fine or something.  Finally yesterday I sent him a text message — the tenants in the other unit of the duplex informed us that he accepts texts — that said “please call at your earliest possible convenience” or something like that.  And the motherfucker called me like TWO MINUTES thereafter.

— Let me digress for a moment to say that this man has never, EVER returned one of my calls.  After the 2nd message I left on his voicemail about the lawn, he called BF with promises to take care of it.  But not me.  Even when I first noticed this place was up for rent, when we were looking for a new place, I called and called, left I don’t know how many messages, and he never once returned my calls or answered the phone.  When BF calls, the landlord sometimes answers and at least calls back when BF leaves a voicemail.  I haven’t decided if he’s intimidated by women, or just an asshole, or what.  But it’s pissing me off. —

Back to the lawn story.  He talks really really fast — we think he’s a cokehead, honestly.  He says he’ll be there tomorrow (today) to take care of the lawn.  And here’s his excuse for not returning even ONE of my goddamn calls and leaving us completely in the dark for the last 3 weeks:  His grandma lives in ALABAMA where all the TORNADOES struck and he had to go down and help her out.  Dude.  I’m not saying I think for sure he’s lying.  But seriously WHAT ARE THE FUCKING ODDS???  And you can’t call bullshit on that.  Cuz if it’s true, then you are left feeling like a big dick.  But that doesn’t excuse the fact that he gave us no indication of what was going on for WEEKS.

In other news, last night Roommate friended me on Facebook.  Wtf.